Powered by Propane


Water Heating

A propane water heater is up to 30%* less expensive to operate than electric water heater. To save even more, switch to a tankless water heater and you could save up to 60%* more than with electric! Propane water heaters heat more than twice as much water in an hour compared to an electric model. Space saving is also a huge plus to switching to a tankless water heater, free up closet space!


Daily Life Uses

Propane gives you greater control over cooking and significant savings over electric models. More than 55%* of families that cook outdoors use propane as well, knowing propane is clean burning and cooks faster! A lot of people don't realize you can choose clothes drying to reduce cost as well. Propane dryers cost less than half of what electric dryers cost to operate.


Pool & Spa Heating

Heating your pool or spa with propane gives you an advantage. The water warms quicker, and cost significantly less than electric. There are multiple size tanks to choose from that will meet your heating requirements. With automatically scheduled deliveries, you will never have to worry about running low on propane when you feel like swimming!

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Give it a Glow

Heating your home with propane is the logical solution to the cold winter months. Propane Fireplaces have become increasingly popular. Now with the vent-free system, you have options! During the cold months you can close the damper and keep the heat inside, while in warmer months you can open the damper and simply enjoy the sitting by the fire!