Leased Equipment

Leased Tanks: I understand I am agreeing to lease a tank from Thermotane Propane, LLC. In the interest of safety, I will not allow anyone other than a Thermotane Propane representative to connect, disconnect, remove, relocate, paint, mark, or make any adjustments to the leased tank without Thermotane’s written permission. I understand that only Thermotane Propane, by law, may fill propane into the leased tank. I agree that if I sell the residence where any Leased Equipment has been installed, I will notify Thermotane at least 30 days in advance that the sale is taking place and will inform the buyer that the Leased Equipment is owned by Thermotane Propane.

Propane System Maintenance: Leased Equipment will be maintained solely by Thermotane Propane. As the homeowner, you are responsible for the maintenance and repair of your entire propane system, including staying in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. You are required to notify us in any event that you disconnect the propane system or add or remove appliances so that we may conduct a leak check on the Leased Equipment for safety. You will notify Thermotane Propane immediately if the Leased Equipment is damaged or malfunctions, or if you experience any problems with the Leased Equipment.

Tank Rent: By having the leased equipment installed, you are agreeing to pay the annual tank rent during the period the Leased Equipment is installed at your residence. Tank rental prices vary depending on the size of the tank and prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Access to Equipment: By having Leased Equipment at your residence you are agreeing that any Thermotane Propane representative has irrevocable right of entry and exit to your property, without prior notice. This can include propane delivery, any maintenance, repairs, or installations deemed necessary by us.  You agree to provide Thermotane Propane with safe, unimpeded access to the Leased Equipment. You agree to mark or otherwise identify the location of septic systems, underground ponds or similar underground features as necessary to allow us to safely install the Leased Equipment, perform services, and make deliveries. You agree that Thermotane Propane has no obligation to contact you to access the Leased Equipment. You agree that in the event we cannot safely access the Leased Equipment, you will be subject to a minimum delivery fee or a service call. If the problem is not corrected after notice, you agree Thermotane Propane has the right to terminate or suspend further propane deliveries.

Propane Delivery: While leasing a tank from Thermotane Propane, you are agreeing to receive propane deliveries a minimum of (3) three times in a calendar year. The deliveries may take place any month of your choosing, if the 3-time yearly requirement is met. Being on a Will Call status is not an option while leasing a tank. When service starts, you will be put on a specific Route that is run once a month. You are to notify us if your usage goes up or is expected to go up so we may adjust the Route accordingly. If we are not notified in advanced you may be subject to an Off-Route Fee to receive a delivery at a time you are not on your Route.

Leak Checks: In the event, you smell propane you will notify Thermotane immediately. We will send a service technician to your residence to perform a Leak Check. If no leaks are found to be present, or the leak is found to be one your propane system and not the leased equipment, you are subject to be charged any Leak Check Fees and/ or repairs needed to your system.

Private Underground Lines/ Systems: Thermotane Propane is not responsible for repairing or replacing any underground lines damaged at any point. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to mark any lines or underground systems.

Cut Off/ Cut On: In the event of non-payment your leased equipment is subject to be cut off until payment is received in full. Once payment is received a technician will be sent to Cut On your tank and preform a leak check, which will result in a Cut on Fee.

Service Calls: Any time a Service Technician is requested to come to your residence you will be charged a Service Call Fee. This fee does not include any additional parts of labor that may be involved in the Service Call. Any Service Call Fees are due same day.

Off Route Fees: If any delivery is required and cannot wait until your scheduled Route, you may be subject to an Off-Route Fee on top of any propane delivered. If the tank is empty you may also be subject to an additional leak check safety fee.

Payment Terms and Late Fees: Each propane delivery invoice is due within twenty (20) days of the invoice. You agree to pay the price per gallon, any applicable taxes, and any hazmat fees on or before the due date. There is a ten (10) day grace period, after the grace period a $6 late fee will be assessed each week until the balance is paid in full. After the third week of non-payment you will be subject to a Cut Off and suspension of service. Any Service Call is due same day. Returned Check Fees will be charged if any deposit is returned by your financial institution for insufficient funds.

Fuel Surcharge Fee: Upon delivery, you will be charged a Fuel Surcharge Fee. This fee is assessed to offset the cost to Thermotane Propane for carrying a Hazardous Material on public roadways.

Removal of Leased Equipment: In the event of non-payment and Cut Off your tank is subject to being removed from your residence. You may request your leased tank to be removed at any time by providing thirty (30) days written notice to us. If your tank is underground Thermotane Propane will remove the tank and mark the hole with tape for safety, Thermotane Propane is not responsible for furnishing fill dirt, resurfacing, landscaping or restoring your property to its previous condition upon removal.